Meet Petra

I started to practice yoga in late 90′ so I think to have more then twenty years of practice, and more than 1,200 hours of Yoga teacher training (YTT). I cherish my recognition as a member of the professional association Yoga Schweiz Suisse Svizerra, a member of the European Union of Yoga as well as the teachers that had passed on their teaching and follow tradition.

Today, I am also a therapist recognized by ASCA for Swiss private insurance reimbursement for my work in therapy and Hatha Yoga.

The main tradition I follow is from my teachers in Paris descended from the school of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and those who founded Yoga7 in Geneva in 1957, certified EduQua.

Of Czech origin, I was born in Prague, and I first worked for thirteen years in Paris in Haute Couture houses such as YSL and Dior. 

I have studied for a couple of years psychology and sociology and then obtained a degree in international business, and a master’s in marketing.

Simultaneously I evolved for more than ten years as a communication manager in a large multinational company in the luxury field between Paris and Switzerland.

“In my Yoga practice, I mainly explore the frontier of stress and release, joy and pain, vitality dynamics, but also space for mourning, femininity, creativity and flexibility and most of all sleep. I am passionate about expressing your own beautiful nature and of what is most precious within you with the best tools that can be found thanks to the knowledge of Yoga and Nidra. ”  

I offer sessions of Hatha Yoga but also of Yoga Nidra for restoration and relaxation to find a better balance between every day consciousness, performance and creativity while also helping address unresolved trauma.

I live and give yoga classes in Geneva, I alos teach in Swiss Alps, Villars sur Ollon, Champéry and I organize retreats in teh Alps, in Italy and with elephants in Thailand.

More about Petra

The simplicity of Parayoga inspired sessions is the most striking and inspiring element that I believe everyone should integrate into his or her life.

Resumé of my trainings: 

2021: Eye yoga, continuing education, Shunyata Yoga, Anoula Sitonios.

2016 -2020: Hatha and general Yoga in-depth YTT. 1,200 hours (i.e. four full years) of studies with the professional association of Yoga Suisse, Yoga 7, a school founded in 1957 in Geneva. The exams included Asca certification (anatomy tests) recognized by complementary health insurances and 40 pages of written research. 

2020: Yoga meets science, Biomechanics of Yoga, Jules Mitchell

2019: ParaYoga Nidra, Enlightened Sleep®, Yogarupa Rod Stryker.

2019: Yoga for children, Yoga Training and Research Center, Vivian Lagier. 

2018: Facilitator and member of Total Yoga Nidra Foundation.

Certified with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli and Philippe Beer Gabel.

2018: Certified in Hormonal Therapeutic Yoga. Training with Dinah Rodriguez.

Personal practice of Yoga since the end of the 90s’.

The main part of my teachers and professors in Paris are from the Sankara yoga school.

Hatha Yoga

Know-how, passed down from generation to generation, Hatha Yoga is the basis to most of nowadays known physical exercise termed as Yoga. A typical session consists of traditional Sun Salutation (Sūryanamaskāra), and traditional postures (Asānas) adapted by the teacher and student to individual needs, limitations, and objectives. Emphasis is placed on relaxation in the effort, but also on overpassing our limits through focused attention, breathing techniques and mastering of relaxation.


Yoga Nidra

Integrate good sleep back into your life and regain balance. Yoga Nidra is a meditation of conscious presence while the body is asleep. I have always loved Yoga Nidra. Eighteen years ago it meant relaxation, concentration, creativity, fun experiences and joy, then corporate life made me too busy for it. Yoga Nidra came back to me at a difficult personal time for me and helped me regain sleep and maintain balance. I decided I wanted to teach it, so I trained become an instructor and received my qualification in early 2018 from the Total Yoga Nidra Foundation founded by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli.

Hormonal Yoga

This practice of modified classic yoga postures is very effective for the female body. Our hormones work together as messengers, they send impulses to your physiological systems and direct our emotions. Hormone-Yoga-Therapy is a holistic technique for improving the function of the ovaries and many other organs and systems of the body. Improving the levels and balance of estrogen and progesterone and removing abnormalities in the cycle (e.g. heavy bleeding, cramps or PMT). This revolutionary technique created by Dinah Rodriguez is a natural method to improve women’s fertility and remove undesirable symptoms of menopause